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About Access Livelihoods, a social enterprise in livelihoods

Batch Head- Women Entrepreneurship Programme


India's marginalized producers battle formidable odds to eke out a fragile livelihood. To such producers, ALC India offers professional services delivered by a team of passionate individuals who have graduated from some of India's best institutions and have chosen the road less travelled. Today, we partner almost 65,000 marginalized producers, including small and marginal farmers, weavers, tribals, and small livestock holders. Our work is spread across five states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Telangana. For more details please visit www.alcindia.org.

Women Entrepreneurship Programme

In a unique and first of its kind attempt to empower and train semi-literate women to take up entrepreneurial ventures, Access Livelihoods Academy (ALA) launched the women entrepreneurship programme, a mini-MBA for rural women.

We partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)– IKEA - DISHA for delivering the pilot phase. In the pilot phase of the programme, 100 participants from 4 clusters, with about 3 farmer producer organizations, across Telangana and Maharashtra were selected, to be imparted managerial and leadership skills. The vision of the program is to scale up to 10,000 rural women in 3 phases in the next 5 years.

Women imparted with these entrepreneurial skills are expected to become role models at two levels – start-up enterprises helping their household income multiple three times and also, take up leadership responsibilities in Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs - FPOs’) in a cluster of villages.

This programme is built on the experiential learning framework, with 75% of time spent on structured practicum exercises covering foundational managerial concepts and 25% of the time allocated for facilitated classroom learning to reinforce the theoretical frameworks related to the concepts. The curriculum was structured around four pillars –Self-Transformation, Enterprise Skills, Enterprise Mindsets & Enterprise Excellence. To know more about ALC India, please visit www.alcindia.org.

Batch Head- Women Entrepreneurship Programme

Batch Head

Key Responsibilities will include:

1. Undertake baseline surveys, value-chain analyses, market studies, feasibility studies and
Business planning for promoting livelihoods of communities
2. Executing women business leader’s programs and maintaining quality in delivery of session plans, training modules as per principles of the academy.
3. Research, analyze, and evaluate the competitive market environment for rural producers and products
4. Achieve quality not only in the final output but also in the overall processes of enterprise promotion
5. Mobilization of women participants into programme.
6. Assisting Batch executive in conducting the training of women leaders, building their capacities and managing their performance
7. Build and maintain partnerships with local state agencies for the implementation of the programme, raising resources and marketing.
8. Support in forming market linkages with the local market for the women led enterprises.
9. Support in various aspects of program such as course selection, its scheduling, accessing financial aid and completing assessments.
10. Maintain system & tracker to identify manage and monitor activities of the programme an effective and efficient manner.
11. Establishing local linkages and networking with key opinion leaders and government departments, resource agencies and research institutions
12. Ensuring 60 % of women participants establish their own enterprise and forming market linkages, resource generation, funding support through convergence.
13. Preparing Annual/ monthly plan and budget for project, monitoring its progress against plan and reporting the same to senior management.
14. Ensure efficient and cost-effective management of project with clearly established project processes and timeliness in the completion of project.
15. Prepare high impact reports, presentations and other documents The development of monthly, quarterly reports and other analytics regarding trainee engagement including attendance, academic progress and interventions etc.
16. Conduct bi-monthly meetings with aspiring women leaders to monitor their progress.
17. Ensuring that objectives of the courses are met and learning outcomes are achieved.
18. Ensuring active participation of women participants in the programme and no-drop outs.
19. Monitoring activities practicum tasks with support of Batch executive.


1. Non-hierarchical work environment.
2. A professional work environment and job satisfaction.
3. Work-life balance.
4. The joy of creating social impact.
5. The chance to work with and learn from highly experienced professionals.
6. A chance to truly experience and understand the real India.

Job Location: Gondia, Pune, Srikakulam, Chittoor.
Number of openings: 4

Batch Head- Women Entrepreneurship Programme

You Should Apply, If You Have

QUALIFICATION: Post-Graduation from reputed university/institute/college.
EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 and Maximum 5 years with a leading organization in livelihoods. Applicants with entrepreneurial and CA backgrounds will be preferred.


1. Deep understanding and engagement with livelihood issues especially issues of economic marginalization and inequity.
2. Proven abilities in running successful enterprises and in undertaking large scale livelihood programs.
3. Demonstrated leadership in operations and in the field.
4. Ability to research and design livelihood models using the latest design thinking approach.
5. Strong resource mobilization skills based on sound models and designs.
6. Must be willing to travel to diverse field areas as per the requirement.
7. Demonstrated ability to identify and build relationships with resource persons, mobilize resources and coordinate program.
8. Strong leadership and project management skills (goal setting, organization and implementation).
9. Demonstrated ability to cultivate, build and maintain strong working relationships with others from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in professional life.
10. Good written, verbal communication and presentation skills.


We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your resume to hr@alcindia.org to apply for this position.

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