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About ALC India, a social enterprise in livelihoods

Peer Mentor

Transforming India Initiative

The Challenge

• 57 people possess as much wealth as the poorest 70 percent of the country and the richest 10 percent in India own 80 percent of its wealth.
• The number of women participating in the labor force in India stands at a mere 27% and continues to drop further every year.
• 76% of children in the country do not have access to higher education.
• India is ranked 141 out of 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index.
The Hope

If the reality of the country lies in these facts, the hope lies in the youth of the country. With the current education system failing to give any exposure to these pressing challenges or providing the students with the necessary competencies to solve them, most youth settle for jobs that provide a secure income and nothing more. With the right education, training and support, we believe that the youth can become entrepreneurs with the power to provide meaningful, sustainable and systemic solutions to these pressing challenges.

Would you like to take up this challenge? Be a part of the core team that is building a platform through which youth are equipped to discover, dream, design and develop their own enterprises?

The Specifics

ALC India is launching ‘Transforming India Initiative’ to provide a platform through which entrepreneurs and enterprises are equipped to discover, dream, design and develop.

In partnership with the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), the initiative will:
1. Accelerate existing enterprises with potential to scale up and sustain
2. Create entrepreneurs who have the necessary skills, mindsets and conscious leadership to address social, economic and environmental challenges
3. Establish enterprises that will impact the lives of a significant number of people and serve as model enterprises
The key to the programme will be the fellows who will transform into entrepreneurs, enable the acceleration of existing enterprises, and start up responsible enterprises. These fellows will have to be equipped with the necessary skills and mindsets to achieve these significant goals. They will then work towards creating an ecosystem where enterprises and entrepreneurs are nurtured.

Peer Mentor


1. To build, develop and maintain mentor-mentee relationship with 6-8 fellows.
2. Support the fellows in the acceleration of the enterprises in which they are placed
3. Build long-term relationships with the enterprises and act as a liaison between the enterprise and the initiative
4. Guide and handhold the fellows in working and resolving the challenges of the enterprises,
5. Support the fellows in planning and hand holding them in implementing the solutions effectively.
6. Spend quality time with the fellows to understand the emotional, ethical and intellectual issues faced by fellows and provide them with the perspective to find their own solutions
7. Conduct training and reflection sessions for the fellows


1. Passion for mentoring and nurturing people.
2. Experience in social innovation and entrepreneurship
3. Strong leadership and inter-personal skills.
4. Ability to listen, quickly comprehend and provide solutions for immediate issues as well as long term situations.
5. Interest in travelling and exploring diverse areas of the country
6. Demonstrated ability to cultivate, build and maintain strong working relationships with others from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in professional life.

Peer Mentor


QUALIFICATION: Graduation/ Post-Graduation from reputed university/institute/ college
EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 6-8 years of work experience (development/ livelihoods/ institution building/ marketing/ production industry/ processing/ enterprise development/ financial management)


1. Non-hierarchical work environment
2. A professional work environment and job satisfaction
3. Work-life balance
4. The joy of creating social impact
5. The chance to work with and learn from highly experienced professionals
6. A chance to truly experience and understand the real India

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your resume to hr@alcindia.org to apply for this position.

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