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About ALC India, a social enterprise in livelihoods

Project Manager - Community Program Services, Andhra Pradesh


India's marginalized producers battle formidable odds to eke out a fragile livelihood.

To such producers, ALC India offers professional services delivered by a team of passionate individuals who have graduated from some of India's best institutions and chosen the road less traveled. To a range of other stakeholders – government, financial institutions, funding agencies, collectives, corporates, and academic institutions – we offer a variety of consulting services.

Blending technical and managerial expertise, ALC India's services assist the economically marginalized communities to turn the odds in their favor and build livelihoods that are more certain, rewarding, and sustainable. As central elements of this endeavor, ALC India develops technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills and incubates enterprises that the communities own.

Today, we partner almost 65,000 marginalized producers, including small and marginal farmers, weavers, tribals, and small livestock holders. Our work is spread across five states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Telangana.

Do you want to play a strategic role in the livelihoods of marginalized communities? We have a challenging opportunity for you at Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh – Project Manager.

Project Manager -  Community Program Services, Andhra Pradesh


1. To lead and guide a team on community businesses.
2. To be able to identify new business opportunities and get technical feasibility and viabilities done.
3. To be able to design and ground new community business like poultry, retail, mushroom, fisheries and any other found feasible.
4. To train and develop the capacities of small producers, the board of directors and staff of the Producer Company.
5. To monitor and report the progress of projects on a regular basis to the client and internally.
6. To collaborate and partner with government, academic institutions, markets and others who are relevant for the community's businesses.
7. To be able to develop a business plan and effective grounding of business of the producer company.
8. To be able to deal with internal compliances as per the ALC India norms and practices.
9. To be able to coordinate the project, responsible for planning, designing the implementation plan and to ensure its proper implementation at the field level.

Project Manager -  Community Program Services, Andhra Pradesh


Must have excellent numbers skills, Must be comfortable with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

QUALIFICATION: Masters in Agri-Business from a reputed institute

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 2-3 years of experience in working on livelihoods and people’s institutions

LANGUAGE: Knowledge of local language mandatory (Telugu)

1. Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with various stakeholders of the project.
2. Excellent coordination, communication and negotiation skills
3. Ability to adapt to local culture and tolerance to the physical hardship of rural India.
4. Ability to relate and empathize with the marginalized community.
5. Time management skills
6. Enjoy working under pressure, deadline-driven, and ability to adapt to a changing environment
7. High in cause orientation and resource consciousness
8. Good documentation and presentation skills

1. Non-hierarchical work environment
2. A professional work environment and job satisfaction
3. Work-life balance
4. The joy of creating social impact
5. The chance to work with and learn from highly experienced professionals
6. A chance to truly experience and understand the real India
7. High in cause orientation and resource consciousness
8. Good documentation and presentation skills

We would be delighted to hear from you. ALC India is committed to creating a diverse workplace and encourages applications from women, transgender people, and differently abled candidates. Please send your resume to hr@alcindia.org for the position of Project Manager.

To know more about ALC India, including the communities we work with, our models, platforms, and services, please visit www.alcindia.org.

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