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About ALC India, a social enterprise in livelihoods

Project Manager - Community Programme Services


In India, for more than 50% of the population, Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood. Indian agriculture largely comprises of smallholders, as 83% of the cultivators are either marginal or small, who account for 99 million agricultural holdings in India. 62% of farmers are ready to quit farming for better jobs in cities and around 30 % from the younger generation are not willing to get involved in agriculture for it being a risk and not giving adequate returns being most important issues. On the other end, our expenditure on food items has increased manifolds as prices of grains, vegetables, fruits and other food items have increased manifold in past few years.

Despite assured market and increasing market price, farmers are ready to and are making choice to move out of agriculture!!!!!!!!

Agriculture farmers today in India are unable to realize large proportion of consumer's rupee as most of it accrues to several intermediaries and value chain actors. While this value realization remains the key issue farmers are further burdened to face several other problems like incomes realized from small-sized lands is not sufficient to meet
Household needs and aspirations, reduced soil fertility, crop losses due to uncertain weather conditions, lack of
Technologies friendly to rainfed agriculture production systems and availability of genuine seed at the right price. These multiple conditions are to be withstood by the new age agriculture farmers to make a d cent living. No doubt, these pressures have resulted in many choosing to move away from agriculture. The above problems can be resolved. The current average annual income of farmers can be increased to Rs. 1 lakh from the current level of Rs. 52,000. All of this is possible through aggregating them into Farmer Owned Company.

Do you want to make it possible by promoting Farmer Owned Company which will eventually have a turnover of Rs.100 crores?
Do you have a burning desire to prove your abilities to manage Farmer Owned Company? Do you want to hand on work with farmers to redefine their livelihoods?
Do you have the zeal to contribute to this change in the lives of communities? Are you looking for a challenging job?
This could be the right job for you, read on…..

Project Manager - Community Programme Services

Project Manager - Odisha


1. To lead and guide a team on community businesses
2. To be able to identify new business opportunities and get technical feasibility and viabilities done
3. To be able to design and ground new community business like poultry, retail, mushroom, fisheries and any other found feasible
4. To train and develop capacities of small producers, board of directors and staff of the Producer Company
5. To monitor and report the progress of projects on a regular basis to the client and internally
6. To collaborate and partner with government, academic institutions, markets and others who are relevant to the community's businesses.
7. To be able to develop a business plan and effective grounding of the business of the producer company.
8. To be able to deal with internal compliances as per the ALC India norms and practices.

Must have excellent numbers skills, Must be comfortable with MS Office suite (I.e. MS Excel, MS Power Point, and MS Word).

Project Manager - Community Programme Services


QUALIFICATION: Masters in Agri-Business/ Rural Management/ MBA from reputed institute Graduation from reputed college

EXPERIENCE: A Minimum of 4 years of experience in working on livelihoods and people’s institutions.

LANGUAGE: Knowledge of local language preferred


1. Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with various stakeholders of the project.
2. Excellent coordination, communication and negotiation skills
3. Ability to adapt to local culture and tolerance to the physical hardship of rural India.
4. Ability to relate and empathize with a marginalized community.
5. Time management skills
6. Enjoy working under pressure, deadline-driven, and ability to adapt to a changing environment
7. High in cause orientation and resource consciousness
8. Good documentation and presentation skills


• Non-hierarchical work environment
• A professional work environment and job satisfaction
• Work-life balance
• The joy of creating social impact
• The chance to work with and learn from highly experienced professionals
• A chance to truly experience and understand the real India

We would be delighted to hear from you. ALC India is committed to creating a diverse workplace and encourages applications from women, transgender people, and differently abled candidates. Please send your resume to hr@alcindia.orgfor the position of Project Manager.

To know more about ALC India, including the communities we work with, our models, platforms, and services, please visit www.alcindia.org.

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