On completion of the programme, a majority of the fellows will be expected to establish and run their own enterprise. The remaining will either work on incubating other enterprises or work with organisations in the social enterprise ecosystem.




These fellows will chart a path that will be similar to pioneering entrepreneurs such as Sumita Ghose, Anshu Gupta, Harish Hande and Saloni Malhotra.
On completion of the 2-year fellowship programme, fellows establish enterprises that will address the most pressing challenges facing the country today and each enterprise will start with reaching a minimum of 5000 people.
The fellows will be encouraged to identify co-founders, evolve their business idea and develop their business design over the course of the two years. The fellows will continue to receive incubation support for 6 years after the fellowship programme, to ensure that they successfully start up, grow and scale up.
Access a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • 40 cr Seed Fund
  • 20000 sft Incubation Space
  • 60 Peer Mentors
  • 30 Industry Experts
  • Business Model Design and Protoyping
  • Technology
  • Access to 350 Partners
  • Access to Locations & Communities
Collectively, these responsible enterprises will address and systemically solve the challenges facing India today and ensure that all Indians can access a decent quality of living.