Fill basic personal, academic and professional information
Share a statement of purpose and your ideas for transforming India
In depth telephonic interview to understand candidate's background, interest and personal vision.
Be notified of your admission into the programme and about the programme schedule
Take online test to measure capability and suitability for the programme
A practical test to evaluate the candidate's suitability for the programme and an interview with a panel of experts
An interview with a panel of experts

Process and Important Dates:

Selection process Phase I Phase II Phase III
1 Apply Online 10th May - 30th June 1st - 22nd July 1st – 31st August
2 Online Psychometric and Aptitude Tests 3rd - 7th July 27th - 29th July 20th August – 2ndSeptember
3 Telephonic Interview 12th - 14th July 3rd - 5th August 22nd August – 2nd September
4 Two-day Direct Assessment (Hyderabad) 29th - 30th July;
5th - 6th August
26th - 27th August 9th - 10th September
5 Admission Announcement 16th August 2nd September 16th September