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About Access Livelihoods, a social enterprise in livelihoods


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Mr. G.V. Krishnagopal

Chief Executive Officer

Being a Rural Management graduate, working with the marginalized was always my passion. In ALC India, in a short span of 8 years, we have impacted more than 1 lakh households both directly as well as indirectly. Looking at the economy, 63% of the GDP is contributed by 92% of the workforce in India which works in the unorganized sector. It can easily be articulated that this sector can't be ignored and in order to sustain livelihoods, one has to work closely with the communities. We believe there is a great need for such services, especially in a liberalized and globalized economy, which provides unprecedented economic opportunities but also threatens the livelihoods of millions of marginalized households across the country. Though the work done by ALC India so far is a trivial amount, it will continue to work with all its passion and zeal to create a prosperous and equitable society.

Association with ALC India - Since inception
Qualification- B. Tech in Dairy Technology
Post graduation in Rural Management
Languages known- English, Hindi & Telugu
Area of expertise- Financial Management, Capacity Building, Business Planning, Fund Raising, and Enterprise promotion

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Mr. G. V. Sarat Kumar

Chief Program Officer

When I joined the core team at ALC India, I wanted to do something entrepreneurial and that which will significantly impact the lives of the poor. What more in the next 5 years we are likely to directly create wealth of more than 500 crores per annum for and influence more than 1 Lakh producers.
ALC India is about transforming lives: Lives of the poor producers and wage earners and in the process our own.
ALC India is about safeguarding dignity and pride: Pride of the poor who do not want alms but partnerships on equitable terms.Take pride in creating the best with a satisfaction of partnering with the deprived.
ALC India is about celebration: Celebrating skills of poor, celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit, celebrating of partnering with the community
ALC India is about creating wealth: Modest for yourself but seamless for the poor producers. It is about fair distribution of wealth while celebrating the entrepreneurial nature of the poor. Take pride in being wealthy with modest earnings
ALC India is about application of skills: Application in project designs, creating strategies, creating systems, marketing products for poor, negotiating for the poor, creating cutting edge technologies for the poor. Take pride in applying yourself for changing circumstances, changing systems and changing structures for others.
ALC India is a land of opportunities: Opportunities to learn, opportunities to work across the country, opportunities to work with many deprived communities, opportunities to travel and opportunities to be an epicurean, opportunities to learn about cultures of various communities, opportunities to grow, opportunities to meet best people
ALC India is about balancing: Balancing work life and balancing family life, balancing individual earnings to social contribution.
It’s a roller coaster which pushes one to think more, contribute more and hope more even when you are going through tough times.
Being a part of ALC India has been a lifetime experience. It has been like all that you dream can be achieved for me.

Association with ALC India - Since inception
Qualification- B. Sc in Botany
Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management
Past organization- Aga Khan Foundation
Languages known- English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu
Area of expertise- Youth employment, Artisan livelihoods, and Business plan development.
Hobbies- Spending time with family

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Mr. S. Swaminathan

Project Director

ALC India is a dynamic organisation that continues to be entrepreneurial in spirit even after 9 years of operation. What's more, there is a strong focus on both consulting and direct action. The attempt is to constantly push the envelope and explore newer models and spaces that make significant impact possible.


S. Swaminathan (Swami) has a profile that combines 3 years of full-time experience in the development sector and 10 years in the advertising and marketing communication space.

Swami is a graduate of the 19th PRM batch of the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). In 1996, he graduated from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi, with an Honours degree in Economics.

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Mr. Sharad Pant

Assistant Project Director

I observed something new in ALC India that attracted me to join the organisation. I observed a blend of young, middle and senior management professionals working together without any barriers or compartments. All professionals are easily accessible to each other and always ready to share their knowledge and experience. This friendly atmosphere is one of the greatest strengths of ALC India that it maintains well.  I have worked mostly with NGOs where very few people bother about the sustainability of a programme, but ALC India is unique in its approach of focusing on sustainability. I joined ALC India because of my passion to work for farmers and I have been given an opportunity to work on the development of the Farmers Enterprise Programme (FEP). Along with my team, I am working on creating a sustainable business model for the FEP, which will not only provide a path for Farmer Producer Companies promoted by ALC India but also other companies across the country.

I would like to acknowledge that although I have 15 years of experience in the development sector, ALC India teaches me something new every day. It breaks my old conceptions and creates new concepts and views in my mind. ALC India is always trying to find practical solutions to problems and works as a laboratory that enables learning through experimentation. I am confident that ALC India will reach out to and empower many more vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society and create more sustainable business models that will work as lighthouses for others. 


Association with ALC India - Since July 2013
Qualification- B. Sc in Mathematics, Master of Social Work
Past organisation - Methodist Church of Sierra Leone, Freetown (West Africa)
Languages known- English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Kriyo
Area of expertise- Livelihood Development, Natural Resource Management, Watershed Development, Disaster Mitigation
Hobbies- Reading, Wandering in Nature, Swimming

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Mr. Sourabh Sharma

Project Manager

During my joining duration my understanding about the new job was pretty hazy. Though efforts to improve my understanding about my prospective job and employer were put up by the interviewer after he declared the results, but even then it was not very clear to me what exactly would be the call of duty. On my first day I was pretty nervous much of it was in expected lines as I was a fresher with no prior work experience to talk about. But, the manner in which ALC India inducted me in its family speaks volumes about the professionalism which exists here and their understanding about the newly joined colleagues. The most important for a newly joined person in an organization is that s/he should be kept engaged all the time and in learning mode too, because it is at this time only when disappointment starts creeping in easily in his/her. Now, I feel that ALC India is pretty good at it. Yes, some aspects of work here can be little bit better which is pretty normal with a less than a decade old organization who is working hard to create an impact on the livelihoods of economically marginalized.

Association with ALC India - Since 1st July, 2013
Qualification- B.Pharma
MBA in Agri - business
Past organization- ALC India is the 1st organization
Languages known- English & Hindi
Area of expertise- Data analysis, Secondary research
Hobbies – Reading books ,watching Hollywood movies

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Mr. Tikeswar Patel

Project Manager

The best part of the organization is its voluntary service option it has for its consultants. The voluntary service for consultants gives a feel of social responsibility towards other organizations. Another best part of the organization is the values and ethics it incorporates in its working system. Additionally ALC India helps newbie and mature consultants to guide them in their shaping thier future for a bright career.

Association with ALC India - Since 1st July, 2013
Qualification- BCA
MBA in Rural Management
Past organization- ALC India is the 1st organization
Languages known- English, Hindi & Oriya
Area of expertise - Data analysis
Hobbies- Playing cricket, Net surfing, Listing music