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Access Livelihoods' Work in providing consulting services for livelihoods

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Financing options

One of the greatest challenges to emerge is the decreasing availability of grant finance to support livelihoods initiatives. ALC India can guide organisations to understand, analyse and explore options that include grant, debt and equity financing.


How can you be a part?

Partner With Us


If you are a financing organization, be it Government, Private or Individual, you can help the seed of this idea grow into a tree and a forest. Invest in the form of grants or low-interest loans and see the idea sustain and scale. Contact us at: reimaginefinance@alcindia.org

Partner With Us


If you are an organisation working in the area of improving livelihoods of the poor, you can learn and use our models and platforms to create greater impact.
Contact us at: reimagineimpact@alcindia.org

Partner With Us


If you are a professional wanting to use your skills to change the world, you can help us in building this livelihood transformation ecosystem.
Contact us at: reimaginework@alcindia.org